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WITH UPDATES: Drudge has walked back the complete ouster, and included a defense of Ailes in regard to Kelly. But now you have the star of the network with an accusation against Ailes. That climate can’t last very long…


ORIGINALLY You may not realize this but 20 years ago, there was no partisan TV News. Roger Ailes introduced conservative  edge reporting to cable news and put Fox News on the map. He had Rupert Murdoch driving the car, no expense spared.

But now the Drudge Report is saying Roger Ailes has been ousted. Murdoch’s liberal leaning sons didn’t like him. Their former brother in law derided Ailes to the New York Times. Last week, Newt Gingrich left Fox News like a rat jumping ship. He knew the end was near. That’s why he’s Newt. He didn’t leave to be vetted for the Vice Presidency, trust me.

With Ailes out, the era of conservative TV news may be over. Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity may suddenly find themselves in uncharted territory. Megyn Kelly carried the brothers’ water. She is the new star.

Will Fox suddenly become actually fair and balanced? This would be such a sea change in their process, half the staff would have to go. I’m just waiting for Brian Kilmeade to break down on air and declare his love for Hillary.

Stay tuned…

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