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The word is sweeping through the media, led by New York Magazine, that Roger Ailes is out as head of Fox News. James and Lachlan Murdoch have quietly sanctioned the bad news and allowed it to spread. The party is over.

Of interest: there’s never been a defense of Ailes from Fox News’s biggest anchor, Megyn Kelly. Nothing. All the others spoke up, to varying degrees. But Kelly has remained mum.

Now the Ailes exit — in the middle of a presidential campaign–in the middle of the Republican convention. Just crazy. Don’t think it’s not orchestrated. If Ailes leaves Fox News, who would run it? There is no heir apparent. And the Murdochs have already signaled the end of nutty ring wing partisan broadcasting. With Ailes out, Fox broadcasters might start acting like human beings and saying sensible things.

The move to oust Ailes is bigger than what just happened in Turkey. When News Corp wants something done, they make sure it happens. The defense of Ailes has been minimal at best. But I know better than most– when they want you out, News Corp knows how to spread the word fast.

This is gonna be good.

Oh yeah– do I feel bad for Roger Ailes? I do, actually. We had ten great years and one bad day, when he was a coward. But for a decade he was a stand up guy.

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