The weekend box office continued to bring good news for “Ghostbusters.” Sony took in $46 million and maybe a little more once all the dimes and nickels are counted. There’s some frisson about sequels, but I’d like to see another of these. In fact, I’ll be a second one will turn out to be better. Put those ladies in some relationships. Let Annie Potts have a bigger role as their female mentor.

“Cafe Society” did very very well. Is it the Kristen Stewart factor? Whatever it is, Woody Allen’s latest could shape up nicely as a hit. I’m very pleased. We are all the winners if Woody is one!

“Independence Day: Resurgence” is a frustrating release. Fox is four weeks into this release and they’re still short of $100 million. That line will be crossed this week. But what a long strange trip it’s been. “IDR” is a really bad movie. Please, no more of these.

Warner’s “Central Intelligence” hit $117.5 million. They’ve got $180 worldwide US included. The comedy only cost $50 million. Nicely played.

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