Home Celebrity Exclusive: Madonna Getting Unauthorized Documentary About Her Early NY Days

Desperately seeking actors: documentary filmmakers are looking for actors for a new documentary about Madonna.

It’s an unauthorized film about Madonna’s early days in New York. Director Guy Guido and producer Kent Moran are looking for people to play Madonna’s first manager, Camille Barbone, and songwriter Stephen Bray. Bray wrote a lot of Madonna’s early hits and even had his own top 10 group called The Breakfast Club.

Presumably, the filmmakers will be hiring someone to play Madonna, too.

Meanwhile, the singer has been posting like crazy on Instagram photos documenting her summer tour of Malawi with all of her kids. It looks like she’s patched things up with son Rocco after this past spring’s custody drama. The kid is smiling and happy. I think he’s just happy to have his family back in one piece after Madonna’s world tour.

Madonna is very busy in these photos promoting her Raising Malawi charity which was embroiled in scandal in 2011. The charity was then controlled by the Kabbalah Center and was promoting Kabbalah in the poor African country. A lot of the money donated went missing, as well.

Now Raising Malawi has an outside administrator. But there’s still no list of a board of directors. The charity’s tax form 990 still doesn’t really reflect anything of value. But PR wise, Madonna’s doing a great job. All the African politicians look bemused or shocked in the photos. Her kids look happy, though. So that’s something.

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