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They wouldn’t let press into the showing of “Hamilton” tonight– just photographers. I don’t know why– totally random.

But the publicist has sent word there’s an all-star cast in the audience including Secretary of State John Kerry, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez (did she bring Casper?), Charlie Rose, Spike (and presumably Tonya) Lee, Mariska Hargitay (probably with husband Peter Hermann), Marla Maples (formerly Mrs. Donald Trump), and Rosie O’Donnell–who’s seen the show so many times she could fill in on any of the parts on the spur of the moment!

At today’s matinee and tonight’s show, creator Lin Manuel Miranda received standing ovations upon hitting the stage.

I wonder what all this hoopla over today’s shows will do to the box office once people realize the three main stars are gone. I think the show will be just as good if not better. But I wonder if all this attention for this show won’t do some harm to it. I guess we’ll see over time.

PS Louise Mensch, former British conservative MP and stooge for Rupert Murdoch in the hacking hearings, now his employee in New York, was at the matinee. She tweeted from it with her kid. Can you imagine if she’d identified herself to Manuel and the cast? I wonder how much she paid for those hard to get seats.

If there are any updates, I’ll add them.

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