Home Music Steven Tyler Launches New Single, Says Aerosmith Band Members Want “Farewell Tour”

On Friday, Steven Tyler launched a new rocking funky single called “Somebody from Somewhere.” It’s title track from his first ever solo album of the same name, due on July 15th.

Last week Tyler told Howard Stern that Aerosmith would go on a final tour of some kind once his solo project is over. In fact, Aerosmith had dates book already for the fall.

But what I’m hearing is Tyler’s band mates– Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Joey Kramer, and Tom Hamilton– are agitating for a big long worldwide farewell tour. Think of it as a big cash out with no end in sight– a la The Who or Cher. And this way Aerosmith could go out with a bang, while Tyler could have his solo career. Farewell doesn’t mean it’s over. In rock nothing is really over. Look at the Rolling Stones.

In the meantime, I like Tyler’s single. This was supposed to be a country album but I doubt it will really be that. It’s just going to be him doing his thing, which is always very cool.

PS Tyler starts his “Out on a Limb” tour on July 2nd. He previewed it a few weeks ago in New York, and it’s not to be missed. It’s the summer of great rockers– Tyler, Sting and Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney.

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