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Want to see “Hamilton” on Broadway? You know it’s the hardest ticket since…like, ever.

Well, presumptive Democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton is offering to pay for you and a guest to see the show. You might even meet her, besides!

The campaign is holding a free sign up contest on her website for a $3,500 package that includes the tickets, plane fare, hotel. You don’t have to contribute to the campaign to register, but if you do, it might help your chances!

It’s unclear if this is for the same July 12th matinee that will be used entirely for fundraising purposes. “Hamilton” has added that performance just for HRC and DNC. For those tickets, you have to donate to the campaign.

Here’s the pitch:

When I first saw the musical Hamilton last year, I was blown away. It’s an incredible feat of storytelling about the fight for the heart and soul of our very nation. It’s a look at history that feels immediately relevant today. It’s a beautiful piece of art with empathy to spare.

So Roger, I want you to experience a performance with me next month. Will you add your name to be entered for the chance to be my guest?

You can bring a friend — and don’t worry about the cost of tickets or flights. The campaign will cover it, so you can focus on enjoying the show!

Enter now, and I might see you at the theater!

Thank you,


I don’t know if Donald Trump can get a whole Broadway show for himself, but he can certainly afford to treat lucky winners to tickets. The Presidency as game show! You gotta love it!

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