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LOL. A press release sent the trades into a tizzy today.

HBO announced Larry David would return for a 9th season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” That’s it. That’s all the news.

When will this happen? How many episodes? Who’s in it?

Answers: nada. Pretty pretty much nothing. Except this one quote which the trades are dining on like caviar for starved piranha: “In the immortal words of Julius Caesar, ‘I left, I did nothing, I returned.’”

But it’s a good get for new HBO chief Casey Bloys because Larry has not committed to anything in a long time. He’s spent the last few months playing Bernie Sanders on “Saturday Night Live.” He had a Broadway show called “Fish in the Dark.” He’s just had fun being Larry David.

Presumably Jeff Garlin will return. And you know Larry loves J.B. Smoove. Richard Lewis would be missed. Maybe Cheryl Hines could come back for a couple of episodes.

But something tells me Season 9 is farther away than this announcement says. When I asked Larry about a new “Curb” at the opening of “Waitress” back on April 24th, he seemed unenthusiastic and non committal. So applause to Bloys for getting even an announcement. It’s pretty pretty pretty good news.

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