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It’s a good thing Paul Simon is still a genius after all these years. He’s on the verge of having his first number 1 album since 1975.

Believe it or not, despite Simon’s incredible impact on our culture and popular music, he didn’t have a number  1 again after “Still Crazy After All These Years.” Even “Graceland” — one of Simon’s masterpieces– only got to number 3.

But his new “Stranger to Stranger” has sold over 45,000 copies and looks like it will take the top spot Friday. Simon beats a raft of current pop stars including Beyonce and Drake.

Simon’s had plenty of fine albums since “Graceland” including the more recent “Surprise” and “You’re the One.” But “Stranger” has really reaped amazing reviews for its inventive use of percussion and Simon’s as usual trenchant and poetic lyrics.

The collection has to be a nominee for Album of the Year this year. If it’s relegated to Traditional Pop Album something is really wrong with the Grammys. Like David Bowie’s “Blackstar,” it’s a work of art.

“Stranger” will not be the number 1 album including streaming. His older audience has actually purchased his music to keep. But “Stranger” has still done very well on iTunes

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