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It just sort of dawned on me that all this publicity for Bobby Brown is because the sleaze bag ex husband of Whitney Houston is publishing a book on Monday.

But he already published the same book, pretty much, back in 2008. That book was called Bobby Brown: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But… It’s still available on Amazon for $6.99.

Since then both Whitney and their daughter Bobbi Kristina have died tragic deaths. No one cares about Bobby Brown, who keeps producing new children. So I guess he added to the old book, with some salacious sounding stuff about Whitney.

The problem is, he already revealed all that stuff in 2008. How many times does he think people will pay him for this?

You can read here all about the old book. My advice is: ignore him now. Don’t give this man a penny. He doesn’t care who he hurts, and he’s selling out his dead wife and dead child to make money. Yuck.

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