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It’s a sad night, as Muhammad Ali has finally died at age 74. He was and will always be the Champ, a symbol of so many things for blacks, for everyone, in the United States and the world. His life will be celebrated accordingly.

But what comes next will be the stories of his last several years, of silence. The Champ really couldn’t talk and was used as a prop, sources say, at his annual Fight Night gala in Scottsdale, Arizona to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease research.

Ali’s fourth wife, Lonnie (Yolanda) has been in charge of his care and his estate for the last couple of decades. But it’s Lonnie’s sister I am told who has been the really active caregiver. Meantime, there have been interviews with Ali’s children and siblings over the last few years expressing fear about how the Champ’s estate will be divided. Something tells me this will turn into a bigger story.

More to come. In the meantime, thanks to Muhammad Ali for setting many examples in his lifetime.

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