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Cannes is still rocking even its last few days.

Last night. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, on a dinner date in Antibes at the famed Michelangelo restaurant, got a local police escort as they left the restaurant. I saw it myself and it was quite a production. Not one but two large dark SUVs pulled into the restaurant’s walkway and scooped up the couple and their entourage of about ten people.

Inside Michelangelo, Perry and Bloom dined at one table privately, and their posse of publicists etc. at another.

Outside a local police car pulled up behind their convoy to protect them from extremely benign photographers. There was no wiggle room anyway between the cars and the restaurant entrance, but it was just for good measure. Then off they all sped toward the Hotel du Cap, where Katy will sing Thursday night at a charity event.

“Just five songs and that’s enough,” she joked.

At the amFAR event, Kevin Spacey will take the place of the ousted Sharon Stone as emcee of the annual auction. Spacey will perform his comedy-singing act in which he impersonates Bill Clinton, Christopher Walken, Johnny Carson and Bobby Darin.

Meantime, at another table in the restaurant, one of the Kardashian family in laws sat with 10 guests but there was no interaction with Bloom and Perry.

Michelangelo restaurant has gotten so hot that they’ve already opened an outpost in New York’s Soho under the name Mamo, and will open in Paris this fall. Regulars include Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Jay Z.

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