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EXCLUSIVE Justin Timberlake has the song of the summer with “Can’t stop the Feeling,” lodged at number 1 with no sign of letting up. “Can’t Stop” will be on the “Trolls” soundtrack from Dreamworks this fall.

In fact, Justin has two more big hits coming from the “Trolls” album over the next few months. He’s recorded duets with both Gwen Stefani and Ariana Grande. Their releases will be staggered through the year as Justin works on a new album scheduled for next year.

But all the songs will be out by September 23rd, a week before the Grammy deadline. That’s when the “Trolls” CD hits stores and the internet. Timberlake was snubbed by the Grammys two years ago when they ignored his 20/20 album, even though it was the biggest seller of the year. They dare not do that again.

Justin will perform “Can’t Stop” on Wednesday afternoon in Cannes at a presentation for “Trolls” by outgoing chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg. Anna Kendrick will also perform a song from the movie.

Timberlake, Katzenberg, Kendrick, and various “Trolls” players celebrated last night (Tuesday) in Antibes at legendary Michelangelo’s restaurant with a table for about a dozen. Justin is a big fan of the New York version of the famed eatery– called Mamo, in Soho– and wanted to show it off to pals including manager Johnny Wright and publicist Sonia Muckle.

And who did they run into the small main dining room? Why Woody Allen and wife Soon Yi, with Woody’s team from Wednesday’s opening night film “Cafe Society.” Woody and Soon Yi’s teenage daughters probably won’t believe this story when they hear it– they stayed home for school exams. I’m not sure if Woody knows who Justin is, but his girls definitely do. Timberlake was in such awe of Woody he shook his hand and said, “I’m a big fan of your work.” Through the evening the waitresses stared at Justin, and Justin stared at Woody.

And Cannes starts in the morning.

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