Home Celebrity Surprise for Donald Trump: Megyn Kelly Adds Transgender Laverne Cox to Special

LOL. For a minute there, I wondered what was going on with Megyn Kelly. But this afternoon Fox announced Kelly has added transgender actress Laverne Cox to her May 17th special. Cox stars in Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black.”

That’s the special in which Kelly interviews (or may have already interviewed, some say) Donald Trump. Kelly will certainly be asking Cox about Trump, which should make the special very special indeed.

Other guests include Michael Douglas, certainly an avowed Clinton supporter and long time Hollywood liberal. This should be fun! Kelly has Bill Geddie, Barbara Walters’ long time producer from “The View,” putting the show together.

In real life, if there is such a thing anymore, Cox has a twin brother. I’ll bet Kelly gets him on there, too! If only all these people could sit on a couch together a la Joe Franklin!

The word out of Fox, by the way, is that Kelly has already taped most of Trump’s material in advance. Smart– he’s already in the piece and can’t back out now. I wonder how many Trump voters have watched “Orange is the New Black”?

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