Home Media Kelly vs. Michael: Coincidence That It’s Timed With TV’s May Sweeps Ratings?

Yes, Kelly Ripa brought up Michael Strahan’s divorce today on their show. But the show was taped yesterday. It’s much ado about nothing. The show is WRITTEN. Strahan knew they were going to discuss “bird nesting.”

I think it’s more interesting that this is all happening exactly as the May sweeps start in TV ratings. Kelly’s Tuesday return spiked the ratings. The next day the sweeps period began. Now they’re going to do a big finale with Strahan on May 13th in the middle of the ratings period.

Sweeps occur in February, May, July, and November. That’s when nighttime TV shows give you cliffhangers and guest stars. Soap operas kill or marry off characters to stir interest. And Kelly and Michael snipe at each other.

In the old days, publicists used to plant items in the supermarket tabs that Regis and Kathie “hated” each other. In fact, they were best of pals, and dined together on weekends.

Watch social media, etc get ginned up to a fever pitch over the next two weeks. This is genius old fashioned publicity. Everyone is talking about this show. It’s not an accident.

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