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Beyonce is on track to sell over 500,000 copies of “Lemonade” from digital downloads this week. That’s pretty good since the sales week begins on Friday, and “Lemonade” wasn’t really available until Monday morning. Counting in streams, according to hitsdailydouble, “Lemonade” could get up to over 600,000.

But wait! Then there’s Prince. When he died last Thursday, he sold 200,000 CDs and downloads in 24 hours until the cut off for last week’s chart.

This week? Prince is selling well over 500,000 total copies of several albums. The top sellers according to hits:
Prince, The Very Best Of (Warner Bros.) 210-230k
Prince, Purple Rain (Warner Bros.) 115-130k
Prince, The Hits/B-Sides (Warner Bros.) 50-60k
Prince, Ultimate (Warner Bros.) 33-38k
Prince, 1999 (Warner Bros.) 27-30k

Streaming for Prince is another issue. He’s not on Spotify, so he’s losing sales there. But his iTunes downloads are huge. And there are many albums and singles not even available. The future is strong for his catalog. But what a shame!

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