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EXCLUSIVE It’s war over documentaries being made about the late, great Whitney Houston.

In early March, Showtime announced that Nick Broomfield was working on one for them. Broomfield’s made a few music docs including a controversial one about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

But I’m told the Whitney Houston estate was already working with a famous filmmaker to make their own documentary. The rumor is that it’s Oscar winner (“One Day in September,” 2000) Kevin MacDonald, who recently directed the mini series “11-22-63” on Hulu.

Everyone ever connected to Houston is being told to ignore Broomfield’s pleas for interviews. Sources say Broomfield will be blocked in any attempts to license audio or video of Whitney from Sony-RCA-BMG-Arista. Whitney’s reps will likely shut down all requests for clips from Houston’s movies like “The Bodyguard” or “Sparkle.” Whitney’s mentor, Clive Davis, is said to be only participating in the official film.

At the recent Arista Records reunion, the word was being spread to anyone who worked with Whitney not to sit down with Broomfield. One former exec may not have gotten the message in time, however. Sources say Broomfield is offering to pay for interviews.

The Estate doc, I’m told, will not stint on the gory details of Whitney’s tragic rise and fall from diva to drug addict. But the fear is that Broomfield will sensationalize the story. Anyway, without music or video clearances, he’s going to have a tough time.


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