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Ouch! It’s a new world at the Hollywood Foreign Press. Rule changes announced today will cut back severely on the conspicuous partying and junketeering of some of the more, uh, sociable members.

The Globes announced they will take place on January 8th– a week earlier than usual. And now there’s no campaigning or carrying on between nominations announced– usually a month earlier– and the awards day.

That will be a big change for certain members of the HFPA who love a good canape and a glass of white wine. Now the studios won’t be able to wine and dine them during that crucial month long period– which is also during the Christmas holiday time.

Academy voters, however, will be able to feel the benefit of studio largesse until mid January, when Oscar nominations are announced.

The other biggest change will be dramas actually being in the Drama category. Musicals and comedies will adhere strictly to those real words. A few jokes or a little music will no longer push a drama into the latter category because the studio thinks it can win that way as a strategy.

The HFPA continues to struggle with change, to be taken seriously. They’re making progress.

Here are the areas rule changes:

Defining the drama/comedy distinction
Defining “original score” and specifying who should receive that award
Specifying who should receive the screenplay award
Providing procedures for determining whether motion pictures meet the “foreign language” requirements
Changing the foreign language motion picture eligibility period to a 15-month period to coincide with the Academy’s eligibility period
Specifying that qualifying motion picture screenings may not be held at HFPA offices
Changing the requirement of screeners (in addition to screenings) for foreign language motion pictures to a strong recommendation
Revising the distinction between motion picture and television categories to recognize the development of pay-per-view television series
Including a reference to “special” Golden Globe awards (already provided for in the bylaws)
Providing more details on the reminders list process and specifying our use of the 2/3 rule to overturn a studio’s category submission
Providing for a blackout period when studios and publicists may not lobby HFPA members about award classification issues
Allowing for advance determinations of categories upon request in August each year
Including the rule against inviting members to events with nominees during the period after the nominations are announced
Providing rules for advertisements referring to the Golden Globes

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