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Zayn, we hardly knew ye.

The former boy bander’s album sales went in One Direction for its second week on the charts– down. “Mind of Mine” dropped 86% in hard sales, from number 1 to number 8 in week 2.

On hitsdailydouble’s Streaming Plus Sales chart, the drop was “only” 72%. Zayn’s hard sales were a mere 16,493. Streaming boosted him to 43,140.

What does it mean? Around 100,000 fans dropped off from week one to week two. Problem is, Zayn — who looks constipated in most of his close-ups– hasn’t produced a hit single to go along with the album. The first single, “PillowTalk,” did so-so. Nothing followed.

What’s happened here should be of interest to the other members of One Direction who were hoping for solo careers.

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