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LOL. Poor George Clooney. Are we surprised by this? Most of the newsstand stories about celebrities is fiction. Apparently, Hello Magazine tried it with Clooney. The sad part is that no one checks, everyone just picks these things up and reprints them.

I’m not even going to see what Hello printed and reprint it here, since it never happened. Probably Amal is pregnant with an alien child or George is running for vice president with Hillary. Good grief.

George says in an email:

“Hello Magazine has printed an “EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ” with me that has been widely picked up and reprinted.

Outlets like Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, The Sun, and The Evening Standard have all printed my exclusive interview and credited Hello Magazine.

The problem is that I have not given an interview to Hello Magazine and the quotes attributed to me are not accurate.

In my experience, being misquoted is not unusual but to have an “exclusive interview” completely fabricated is something new.

And a very disturbing trend.”

A little PS I see what happened– George gave this interview to Ellen DeGeneres on her show. Hello, maybe learning from a certain Hollywood trade magazine, just took the interview and made it seem like their own. Oy vey.

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