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Twelve days seems like an eternity at the box office when you have a turkey. And it’s gobbling at Lions Gate, where “Divergent: Allegiant” has simply collapsed since its release almost 2 weeks ago. The numbers speak for themselves:

“Divergent” after 12 days $97,984,257

“Insurgent” after 12 days $89,693,985

“Allegiant” after 12 days $48,915,840

So now what? Plans for part 4, “Ascendant,” seem folly unless the filmmakers can come up with something– like a cross over from “The Hunger Games” and “Twilight.” Otherwise, why bother when the take on a new film would be another 50% down from this one. Will “Ascendant” even be made? Will fans be left hanging? Will anyone care? Oy vey.

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