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If you’re a teenager you know that Zayn Malik, now known just as Zayn, released his solo album on Friday. “Mind of Mine” — which could be reduced to MoM–has been hyped in teen land through the roof.

On iTunes, MoM is number 1, of course. That was to be expected. But so far MoM is not generating any new tracks on the iTunes singles charts. The first single, “PILLOWTALK” (all caps, for some reason), has come and gone. Quickly. Once MoM was released, iTunes sales of the single plummeted. Why buy the milk when you can get  the whole cow?

Meanwhile, over on Amazon.com, “MoM” is not faring well. The physical CD is number 46. The digital download is 11. Of course, Amazon skews older, so Zayn’s audience isn’t necessarily there.

Another chart, Street Pulse, sent out their interpretation of Friday’s sales. “MoM” came in 5th in overall sales. Still, expect “MoM” to be number 1 when sales are counted on Friday. It just won’t be the runaway success that was hoped for.

The PR spin on “MoM” is that it’s an R&B album. Hmmm.  Well, Malik used the same producer who worked on Frank Ocean and on The Weeknd. But R&B? The album sounds flat to me, and a little monotonous. I think they were trying for a Style Council sound. Zayn fans should check out “My Ever Changing Moods” if they want to hear how “MoM” is supposed to sound.

“MoM” should come in around 125,000 copies on Friday. That’s a little less than the 400,000 copies sold by One Direction in the debut week of their recent album, “Made in the AM.”


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