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This sucks: Garry Shandling has died at age 66.

American’s Official Ambulance Chaser, TMZ, reports that Shandling called an LA hospital (probably Cedars Sinai) and was whisked there. He died shortly thereafter. So far no one thinks he was ill with anything. What a shame.

Shandling is best known for “The Larry Sanders Show,” but also for many movies and TV appearances. He starred in a bad Mike Nichols movie called “What Planet Are You From?” But Nichols loved him, and there were lots of bright moments. In person he was always fun, always with a big smile.

Garry had a very funny Twitter feed. His last Tweet was a reTweeted photo from four days ago of him with Kathy Griffin and Bob Odenkirk. His last actual Tweet was about Kanye West

More to come, I guess. RIP Garry. Just terrible.

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