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It’s not easy putting on a new Broadway show. They’re learning that the old fashioned way at the Music Box Theater.

“Shuffle Along,” the highly touted revival of a show no one knows, has shut down in previews for a variety of reasons including some retooling. The official opening night is April 28th, but the show stopped performances on Monday and may not be back in previews until April 2nd.

A release says the show only cancelled previews on Monday and Tuesday. “Shuffle Along” had already built in a hiatus from March 27th through April 1st for tweaking, rewrites, retooling, etc.

Update: A press rep says Audra McDonald is ill, which is why the show canceled performances Monday through today. They hope to come back before the hiatus begins on Sunday. In other words, there’s a chance of shows tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. We’ll stay on top of that.

George C. Wolfe directs Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and Billy Porter in a musical about the making of the musical “Shuffle Along,” which was the first black musical on Broadway. Scott Rudin is the lead producer.

“Shuffle Along” will compete with the much loved “The Color Purple” and “She Loves Me” for Best Revival of a Musical if it makes it that far. And even if it does open on April 28th, McDonald leaves soon after for a three month hiatus. That significantly changes the box office popularity.

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