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Now all they need is Zac Starkey on drums, with Julian and Sean Lennon on vocals, and it’s Beatles 2.0.

James McCartney, Paul’s son, has just released a new single featuring Dhani Harrison on guitar and vocals. “Too Hard” comes from James’s upcoming album, “The Blackberry Train,” due May 6th. I do not think Blackberry the company is involved, although they’d be smart to underwrite his tour. If only Blackberry were that smart…but that’s another discussion…

James has the genes, and he also has a nice independent sound. “Too Hard” is catchy as all heck. Good for him! I just wish he were playing closer to New York, but I’ll try and catch him as he sails by.

Now, if only his dad would come off the tour circuit long enough to finish a new album! Paul, almost 74, has a full tour going all summer.

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