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The clock is ticking tonight for the weekly pop chart. The cut off is in a few hours.

Adele is fighting to be at number 1 again. But she has competition from two extreme areas–metalcore punk and Christian pop.

Right now, Bethel church’s “Have it All” is at number 1 with 21,972 copies. Hard rock metal punk group Killswitch Engage is at number 2 with 21,790. Adele is third, her “25” album so far has sold 21,297.

Keep refreshing to see who wins.

The chart is very light this week, with little selling of any consequence. According to hitsdailydouble, with 89% of all accounts in, the number 50 album by Tim McGraw has sold 2,306 copies. I mean, are you kidding? How can the business stay in business?

Friday’s big release is a Gwen Stefani solo album called “My Husband Cheated, My Marriage Broke Up, I Started Dating Another Judge on The Voice, will all That Publicity Pay Off?” Only if the songs are good.

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