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Madonna is very very clever. Her new see me-feel me attention grabber: A public meltdown, a mid life crisis, an effort to convey that she’s drunk and lonely on stage, while a custody battle rages in London and Los Angeles over her 15 year old son Rocco.

Will it work? Is it a good idea? Doesn’t seem like it, but she didn’t ask me. Madonna does not perform drunk on stage, that’s ridiculous. Whatever she’s doing, it’s planned. She is the most calculating performer in history. But why is she putting up photos of Rocco on stage when he clearly doesn’t want the attention? Why is she wearing the clown outfit? Why doesn’t she stop it?

I still don’t understand what she hopes to achieve with these new headlines. She’s on a world tour. The kid wants to be at home. Finish the tour properly, then go home and deal with it.

this is the latest:

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