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Kendrick Lamar surprise dropped his “Untitled. Umnastered” album out of nowhere and drop kicked Adele to number 2 this week on the album charts. Kenny sold 135K with another 40K in streaming. He’s the man of the moment, clearly. Adele sold 48K.

Rihanna is the big story among established artists. Almost all of her chart ranking comes from streaming. She sold only 65,576 total, and 19,437 of that was solid. The bulk came from Tidal. Her music is disposable.

But the other headline is that The 1975 rock group dropped a whopping 85% from number 1 to 14, and to 22 on streaming. Their “Saturday Night Live” performance obviously drove them to number 1, but there was no follow up. Whoops! That 85% drop may be the biggest ever. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

I’ve fallen in love with that 21 Pilots song “Stressed Out.” It may be their only hit ever, but it’s a classic number 1 song. Good for them. It’s their “My Sharona” or “Call My Maybe.” Everyone should have one.

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