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Friday’s box office carried a few messages.

First, “Zoolander 2” says goodbye, losing $80 million. This is the last weekend anyone will be able to see “Z2” on a big screen, and most people will continue to ignore it. The Ben Stiller – Owen Wilson comedy will finish its run with less than $30 million domestic, and around $50 mill worldwide. The write down at Viacom will make headlines.

Zecond, The Oscars didn’t give a boost to any nominee except maybe Best Picture “Spotlight.” Open Road upped its theatres for a week, and the increase helped a little bit at the box office. But not much. “Spotlight” will fall into the future headlines of Oscar movies like “The Hurt Locker” that were small earners.

But the Oscars didn’t help “The Revenant” at all. Neither did Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar. They did less well this weekend than last. Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you.

Disney’s “Zootopia” is an another huge hit for the Maus Haus.

“London Has Fallen” but so has Focus Features.

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