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Adele’s days of staying off of streaming services may be coming to an end. Her “25” album has been knocked off its perch at number 1 by upstart rock group The 1975. They beat her by a wide margin this week– over 40,000 units.

Indeed, Adele’s physical sales are draining. This week she sold just 59,000 copies according to hitsdailydouble.com. The “25” album has also fallen to number 9 on iTunes. Well, whaddaya want? She’s sold 9 million of those albums in the U.S. in less than four months. Sales on Jupiter aren’t counted by SoundScan.

It may be time for Adele to give in and let the streaming money come in. Spotify, Tidal, and AppleMusic are all clamoring to get “25.” Streaming sales would push “25” back up the charts, certainly.

Streaming, by the way, is what keeps Justin Bieber afloat. He only sold 20,000 copies of “Purpose” in physical and digital, but streaming added over 30K more to his chart position.


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