Home Television Wish Fulfillment: David Duchovny May Have Already Filmed “Twin Peaks” Reboot

David Duchovny may be wigging out again.

Last year Duchovny hinted that he might return as transgender DEA agent Denise Bryson. Duchovny played Denise (formerly Dennis) before he went on to “X Files” fame in the early 90s.

Now I’m hearing that Duchovny may have already filmed his part for the new “Twin Peaks” reboot on Showtime for 2017. All lips are officially sealed on the matter, and sources have heard that creator David Lynch has threatened to write actors out of the show if he discovers they’re snitching.

Still, I’m told there are upwards of 200 different actors drifting in and out of the “Twin Peaks” reboot, with the few exceptions being Piper Laurie and Michael Ontkean. Most everyone from the old show is back in some form. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chris Isaak, example.

And maybe we’ll find out what happened to Julee Cruise, who sang the show’s theme music. Lynch is also a fan of singer Julia Fordham, who’d be perfect for the reboot.

Duchovny is on a roll. The rebooted “X Files” was a huge hit for Fox. The word is that everyone connected to that production is waiting to hear about more episodes being ordered by Fox. The announcement should come very soon. And meantime, Duchovny’s ex wife Tea Leoni continues to rock “Madam Secretary” on CBS Sunday nights.

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