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Here’s the pop chart round up: Adele is still a sold number 1 with her “25” album. Even the Grammys couldn’t knock her off. She sold 124,000 albums last week, god bless her. She can buy all the In and Out Burgers she likes. (She should really come to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. They serve them right out of a truck!)

The number 2 album is by Joey and Rory, a country duo couple. They sold half of Adele’s number. But it’s a sad story. Joey, the wife, is battling terminal cancer. They have three kids between them, but just one– a two year old girl with Down syndrome– is theirs together.

In Bieber land, “Purpose” sold just 38,000 copies this week. But you can add on 50,000 streams. His fans are listening to his music on Spotify and AppleMusic but they don’t necessarily want to buy it. What does that mean? Where is he now? Who knows?

Rihanna’s album “Anti” is number 9, with a total including streaming of 66,510. Sales (not streaming) were 28,532 according to hitsdailydouble.com. Not a hit. And she blew off the Grammys. I hope Tidal and Samsung paid her a lot of money.

Kanye is nowhere. The album is only on Tidal, it can’t be bought, he says it will never be on iTunes. My friends at DefJam must drink themselves to sleep. They don’t deserve to be treated this badly by a musical terrorist.

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