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Here’s a little intel on Adele and her botched performance of “All I Ask.”

Exclusively, I can tell you she was not supposed to sing “All I Ask.” That may have been one reason why the whole piano-microphone thing was so botched.

My sources tell me she was scheduled to sing “When We Were Young.” It’s a much better song, and it’s her single of the moment that Sony was trying to promote. She’s sung it a few times recently.

So what happened? “She decided she wanted to do something stark that would stand out,” says my insider. So “All I Ask” was hastily put together. The rest, as we know, is history and burgers. My source insists it was a technical glitch that made Adele sound so horrid. But I say — and so do others in the Staples Center– it was just human error. Adele couldn’t hear what was going on, and followed the piano into a hole.

It happens. Or as Adele put it so well, “Shit happens.”


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