Yes, Leo, it was really cold shooting “The Revenant.” And you slept in a horse carcass.

But all the actors nominated for Oscars this year operated under tremendous duress.

The “Spotlight” cast was forced to wear khakis every day. They had to make sure they were pressed properly. They had to wear button down shirts. Have you ever seen actors when they’re not working? Khakis are anathema. They favor t shirts. If they wear dress shirts, they are never tucked in. And this went on for over 30 days.

Michael Fassbender had to wear many different kinds of eye glasses in “Steve Jobs.” Sometimes for hours on end. Also, four or five kinds of jeans. He slept in a hotel on most nights, far from home.

Bryan Cranston sat in a bathtub continuously filled with lukewarm water for “Trumbo.” He wore Salvador Dali’s mustache. He never complained once.

Matt Damon filmed in outer space. Plus he had to learn gardening. And weightlessness. He had to sleep in a crater and drink Tang.

And don’t even get me started about Eddie Redmayne. All that waxing. And constantly being mistaken for Jessica Chastain.

So, Oscar voters, consider all this when you’re voting for Best Actor. And Best Picture.


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