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There are days when you really want to be Ken Ehrlich and days when you think, so glad I’m not him.

Ehrlich, producer of the Grammy Awards, has a dilemma. He’s already announced that the Broadway mega hit “Hamilton,” would open the Grammys at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern, live, on stage in New York, with their big opening number.

What a brilliant idea, right? “Hamilton” is nominated for best live show and it’s going to win the Tony Awards, which are also on CBS this June, so perfect.

Now hitsdailydouble.com is reporting that Taylor Swift will open the Grammy broadcast. She’s got a bunch of nominations and is likely to win Album of the Year at least. At least. Aside from Adele, Taylor’s “1989” was the huge success story of 2015.

They can’t both be opening the show unless Taylor is flying to New York and playing Alexander Hamilton’s cousin or something.

So what to do? Who will win this tug of war? After all, “Hamilton” starts at 8. They’re bringing in an invited audience for the evening. Are they going to hang around and not start their show– it’s long, by the way, at almost three hours–until the Grammys are ready? Hamilton and Aaron Burr won’t be dueling until midnight!

Everyone should have these problems! I’m rooting for Ken. Anyway, Taylor should be waited for a little bit, no?

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