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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Presidential er Oscar campaign is in full force.

Gone are the model girlfriends. Also gone is Helly Nahmad, Leo’s BFF art dealer pal who did a jail stint last year in a federal case. If Helly is around, he’s been cropped from the picture, so to speak.

The latest on Leo’s Oscar PR trail? Pope Francis. DiCaprio got a private visit with him on January 28th. He brought his father and another odd duck BFF, a curious dark haired man named Milutin Gatsby.

That’s not his real name, of course. Leonardo DiCaprio played “The Great Gatsby.” This Milutin is Serbian, and has been turning up in Leo stories for several years. Little is known of him except that he jet sets around and is always at amFAR events. He’s been mentioned in passing in items in Vanity Fair and the New Yorker, with the great writer Bob Colacello actually wondered aloud whether he was on the level.

Well, the brilliant PR man Ken Sunshine is busy in the background keeping Leo looking presidential. A couple of years ago Angelina Jolie screened her “Unbroken” for the Pop and had a short meeting. It didn’t help with the Oscars. I doubt Leo screened “The Revenant” for Pope Francis. No bear in the Vatican. But it’s a great move on the way to the podium at the Dolby Theater. According to Sunshine’s reports, Leo and the Pope discussed the environment– the Oscar environment!


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