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Before Donald Trump gets all weepy about vets, warriors, etc.

In the last three years, the Donald J. Trump Foundation has made charitable donations to a variety of groups totaling $2.6 million. It’s not a lot for a self proclaimed billionaire, but it’s not nothing.

But next to nothing is what he’s given to veterans or wounded warriors. In 2012– nothing. In 2013–$6,000. Total. In 2014– thinking he might run for President– $16,000.

He’s given $10,000 to a Green Beret group, and $10,000 to Special Operations Warrior Fund.

To a group called Friends of Vets– $1,000. That one thousand dollars, or what he spends on lunch typically.

Trump hasn’t given anything to Wounded Warriors or any of the other veterans groups.

Similarly, the Eric Trump Foundation — run by Donald’s son– gave no money to veterans groups at all in 2011, 2012, 2013. They haven’t filed yet for 2014.

So just FYI, if you’re thinking that his event tonight with Wounded Warriors is part of a long term association. It’s just as phony as Wounded Warriors, with their lavish salaries and parties as documented by the Daily Beast, and now CBS and the New York Times.


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