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Adele– even she has frustrations! Having sold 8 million copies of “25,” the biggest pop star in the world is back at number 1 on iTunes and all the charts after a couple of weeks off for David Bowie and then Panic at the Disco. Last week, Panic briefly took the top spot.

But Adele is back at number 1 on the album charts, where she should stay until next week when Charlie Puth’s debut album will challenge her. Still, Adele has her own issues. She can’t seem to find a follow up single hit to “Hello.” She’s got a few single tracks selling on iTunes including the excellent “When We Were Young.”

But so far radio hasn’t picked up that song enough to get “When We Were Young” rolling in the deep or the dough. So it lingers in the top 20 like a wounded bird. It could also be that so many people have “25” they don’t need to buy it again. What will Adele do? How will she survive? I’m leaving it to the Sony radio people. I’d like to hear “When We Were Young” on every radio station, all the time.

Meantime, the most interesting record in the top 10 right now is Alessia Cara’s “Here.” She’s a YouTube phenom from Canada, and one of her producers– Andrew Wansell– is a direct descendant of Philadelphia International (his dad is Dexter Wansell). Let’s hope she sticks to her production team and doesn’t hook up with the Swedes or any of the people churning out the same-sound songs of other pop starlets.

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