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It is 2016 right?

Not if you look at the pop charts.

This week, the top 20 includes albums by David  Bowie, the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Phil Collins and Hank Williams Jr. Of course, the first two are because of the deaths of Bowie and Glenn Frey. Very very sad. The others are a result of discounting on iTunes and Amazon. Hank Williams Jr. had a knockout appearance on Jimmy Fallon this week, which apparently sent sales soaring.

But still…

For a long time, catalog albums weren’t even counted in current chart sales. But with current chart sales so abysmal, and the contemporary acts wanting in the talent department, it’s not a big surprise that everything old is new again. And it can’t just be old people buying the old music. It is hoped that youngsters are listening to it as well, and getting the message. A lot of today’s product is crapola– at least the commercial stuff being foisted through radio.

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