Home Music Grammy Awards: Hello! Adele, The Weeknd, And Kendrick Lamar Will Perform

The first wave of Grammy performers has been announced. Adele, the hottest living act in the world right now, is front and center. She’s not nominated for anything because she’s eligible for next year– 2017– but she’s the big draw.

BTW Adele’s “25” album is back at number 1 on iTunes after a brief respite following David Bowie’s death and Panic at the Disco’s new release.

Other performers: this year’s nominees Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd, and Little Big Town.

Expected performer is Taylor Swift, who looks to be in training from her photos on tabloid websites. She’s going to be the night’s big winner. Maybe she’ll fly around the Staples Center!

Waiting to hear about tributes to the big three performers who’ve died– Natalie Cole, Glenn Frey, and David Bowie. The Grammys are very adept at this sort of thing.

More to come…show airs Monday February 15th at 8pm on CBS.

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