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Pop, pop muzik: The Eagles now have three albums in the iTunes top five, as fans celebrate the memory of Glenn Frey. David Bowie has two. That doesn’t leave much room for living acts, like Adele, Chris Stapleton, Panic at the Disco, etc. Death sells. Imagine that the Grammys will have lots of tributes this year…

The Grammys: are going live. They were always live on the East Coast, but now they will be shown coast-t0-coast at the same time. This makes so much more sense. Why delay the inevitable? Taylor Swift wins everything! But the show will be very entertaining. The show airs MONDAY February 15th at 8pm on CBS.

Madonna was three hours late getting onstage in Louisville, Kentucky. Then she was two and a half hours late in Nashville, which peeved Reba McEntire, who was in the audience! Maybe Madge should start the make up earlier in the day, or just sleep with it on. Seriously, who waits three hours?

So many In Memoriams for the Grammys this year. I hope Clarence Reid is highlighted. The R&B star was also known as “Blowfly,” an alter ego that let Reid express his, uh, earthier side. Blowfly was dirt-ay.

Among the many hits Reid wrote in the mainstream were Betty Wright’s “Clean Up Woman” and Gwen McCrae’s “Rockin’ Chair.” But his Blowfly character, a cult figure, was cutting edge as a rapper as far as back as 1971. You can look him up on YouTube.


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