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Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch, has come out swinging on Twitter tonight. “This film is a lie,” he says of the hugely successful documentary about his late daughter. The film “Amy” directed by Asif Kapadia is nominated for a Golden Globe on Sunday. It also airs on British TV this weekend.

Winehouse also wrote on Twitter: “I never said Amy didn’t need rehab. I said she didn’t need rehab in 2005. Later on different story. They edited that out…Can I ask you all a question? Did the film say that Amy was clean of drugs for 3 years? How do u think she got clean without treatment?…Amys tweets to me. Seems like yesterday. I’m Amy’s dad. We won’t give in. Too many disadvantaged kids need our and Amy’s help…”

Mitch Winehouse also defended the foundation he started in his daughter’s name.

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