Home Music Adele Surprises with Final Sales Numbers This Week, 200K Total Including Streaming

It’s just water under the bridge. I told you on Wednesday that Adele was going to sell a “Mere” 150,000 copies of her “25” album.

In the end, including streaming, hitsdailydobuble.com says it was 204K. Justin Bieber, number 2, sold 127,000 including streaming.

Bieber sold only 55,000 actual copies. The bulk of his number comes from streaming.

Adele had only 30,000 streams. Almost all of it was sales in hand, so to speak. She sold 173,000 CDs and digital downloads.

The rest of the top 10 added up to about Adele’s number including Bieber.

Where IS Adele when these reports come out? Does she just say “F—in’ A,” and have a beer, or what? Is she bathing in Evian? Sleeping on thousand count sheets? It must be a strange feeling.

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