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EXCLUSIVE You must remember this: a couple of years ago, Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeouf were supposed to star together on Broadway in a revival of “Orphans.”

But Baldwin and LaBeouf fell out, and Shia left the production with a lot of public acrimony. Ben Foster replaced him in the role.

Now LaBeouf–who’s mostly been having sex on screen, making performance videos, acting kooky lately– and Baldwin may be reunited at last in a film directed by Tony Kaye called “Stranger than the Wheel.”

Kaye and LaBeouf have been working on “Stranger” very quietly for some time, I’m told. It’s the story of a young man tracing his relationship with an abusive father. Alec could be playing the dad. At least, that’s what Shia and Kaye want.

“Stranger than the Wheel” has been around a while. Back in 2000, Dennis Quaid was going to star in it. The original screenplay is by Joe Vinciguerra.

Kaye is the talented and mercurial director of “American History X,” among other films. He also made a series of acting teacher videos with the late Marlon Brando that are the stuff of legend at this point. There was a lot of static about all that, but it’s a long time ago in a far off galaxy.

Kaye, like LaBeouf and Baldwin, is no shrinking violet. If they make “Stranger” and all survive, it could be incendiary. And worth seeing.

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