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Adele is still number 1 this week, her seventh week in the top spot on the charts with her “25” album.

But last week she sold 300,000 copies after five weeks of million-more-crazy numbers.

Now this Friday she will end up between 150,000 and 170,000 copies. That’s “normal” for first week sales of most albums.

Adele’s path to 8 million sold is slowing down. She’ll make it, and well past that before the year — 2016– is out. But the phenom part of her launch is coming to an end. It’s sad, really, since she was calling from the other side.

Can anything knock her off number 1 next week? It doesn’t seem like it, but who knows? It’s time for the “Hello” single to start coming down, too. The question is, can a second single do as well? Or even close? And how can it be promoted to seem new?

Tough job, but our friends at Sony are probably equal to the task. They’ve done pretty well so far.

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