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Adele, Adele, Adele. Hitsdailydouble says she sold 293,000 copies of “25” between Christmas and New Years. Billboard says it was 307K. Let’s split the diff and say 300K. Adele has sold over 7 million copies through December 31st. She’s on her way to 8 mil.

On amazon, Adele occupies most of the top 5 with her “25” CD, “21” CD, and vinyl edition of “25.” That’s right– her LP. Hah!

Also in the top 20 Christmas week, the Beatles “1” CD remastered version from this year, and a Frank Sinatra greatest hits collection. Capitol Records’ catalog department is really on the ball with reissues. Plus, they have the two greatest acts in pop history.

Will anything ever topple Adele’s run at number 1? Nothing that’s known. If some artist has a surprise release– maybe Beyonce– that might do it. But there aren’t any other superstar acts right now with Adele’s depth artistically and demographically. A new Justin Timberlake? Maybe. But basically, we’re stuck with Miss Adele for some time to come. A new single comes this week, too.

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