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Maria Aragon blew everyone away four years ago when– at age 11– she performed “Born this Way” on stage in Toronto with Lady Gaga.

She even got a shot on “Ellen”:

Well, Maria’s 15 now and has blossomed into quite the singer. She just performed “Ave Maria” with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra to a live audience of over 2000 people at Centennial Hall, and caused a sensation. Here’s the video:

You can download this track at welovefreemusic.com, an exciting, brand new music site described as “the first and only website in the history of the internet to deliver curated and produced content from it’s artists to the entire world, entirely free, in both streaming and download formats, without any advertising and without the requirement for personal information to access the content.”

As for Maria, I’m told she’s making her first album with Whitney Houston’s original producer, multiple Grammy Award winner Narada Michael Walden. So hold on. Before 2016 is out we may have a new teen superstar. Sure sounds like it.

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