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Blahblah blah. “Star Wars” crossed the $1 billion line on Sunday, globally. That’s about $550 million US and $550 million everywhere else.

Harrison Ford is that really it? If you come back you can own all of Wyoming, buy four more planes, and even hire a pilot. Just sayin’….

Best picture nomination? I don’t think so. But not because it’s not good. The Academy in the past has always viewed these event and comic book movies as outside their purview. The closest any of them ever got was “ET.” Really– a lot of people could argue that if Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies didn’t make it, why should “The Force Awakens”?

I don’t mind that the Critics Choice Awards added “Star Wars” to its list of Best Picture nominees, however. That awards show is for popular films. “Star Wars” deserves that nod, even if it doesn’t win. (Which it won’t.)

So, now–$2 billion looms. A month from now? Two months? Or much faster? We’ll see how this vacation week plays out.


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