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TUESDAY NIGHT DEC 22: Adele’s final numbers for last were 819,586 including streaming, 786,901 without streaming. She’s way over 6 million copies of “25.” Amazing! She was up 13% over last week thanks to the TV special.


The Adele juggernaut continues. She sold 745,000 copies of her “25” album this week and crossed the 6 million mark. She’s headed to 7 million by December 31st.

Total sales including streaming, according to hitsdailydouble, is 779,000. These are just huge numbers by any account. And Adele is way ahead of anyone else in the top 50. Indeed, she’s out selling the top 50.

Sales of the album are obviously booming, and the NBC special on Monday night can be credited with helping. But the special did nothing for Adele’s individual track sales on iTunes. In fact, “Hello,” fell off its perch at number 1, toppled by digital downloads from “The Voice.”

“Hello” is a middle of the road radio song, and not a Top 40 hit. Adele might have a chance at that with “When We Were Young.” Maybe Sony will start working that single right after New Years.

And let’s not forget the Grammy Awards are coming. Adele will likely be the centerpiece performance of Ken Ehrlich’s show. And that means more sales. Lots more.

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