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Prime time is over on both coasts and in the middle of the country. What did we learn from NBC’s music night of the two hour “Voice” finale and the one hour Adele special?

Well, on iTunes, Adele’s “Hello” has fallen to number 4. The special gave her no bounce on the charts. None of her other tracks suddenly jumped. “When We Were Young” is still number 22. If the special got people to buy music, it must have been the “25” album. But nothing happened on the singles chart.

However, 11 tracks from “The Voice” are in the top 20 tonight following the finale. Three of them knocked Adele to number 4– three nobodies. Just people you saw on TV and liked. And then eight more. Wild.

Has Adele saturated her sales market? After all, no one sells 5 million copies of music anymore, and certainly not in three weeks. But maybe the lion’s share of Adele fans are worn out, and have everything they need?

On amazon.com, “25” is still number 1, and the prior two Adele albums are in the top 10.

We’ll see what happens by mid day Tuesday. But “The Voice” spurred immediate sales. Adele did not. It will be interesting to see the overnight ratings…

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